Mike Beatty and his team take a "boots on the ground" approach in the vineyard, always adhering to sustainable practices. This approach brings them out to the vineyard every single day, to watch and listen to the vines. In fact, each vine will be individually visited numerous times throughout the year, with the dedication and care one would give a rose garden. Water Conservation: By utilizing dry farming techniques our vineyard is following a millennia-old tradition particularly used in Mediterranean climates such as Spain, France, and Italy. The technique optimizes the natural rainfall from the wet, winter season by conserving moisture in the soil, and allows the crops to continue to absorb it during the dry, growing season. This method, which works well with our volcanic soil, naturally prevents unsustainable planting and ensures that we continue to be responsible stewards of this land.

In addition, we are constantly monitoring the soil to ensure that we use the most effective runoff management techniques and carefully analyze the soil to minimize any additions, using only organic matter. With these sustainable practices, we strive to always be conscious of our impact on the surrounding environment, minimizing our footprint in any way possible.